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Via Coyote-List: Last night in Athens: 1000 antiras and refugees free protesting the Attiki Square, held by facist a couple of days

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Von: marily
Datum: 9. Oktober 2010 11:04:07 MESZ

Protest against fascists - demonstration of solidary people and afghan
refugees in Attiki

Friday, 8th October

This is one of the seldom afternoons that the afghans reconquer the
square. A group of 1000 people, among them many Afghan refugees, women
and children gathered in the afternoon in Attiki Square to protest
against the fascist movement that is occupying the place since more than
a week and that already has expulsed all forms of human life from the
St. Panteleimon Church. Among the many speeches were mainly Afghan
refugees talking: "what have we done to you, that you treat us like
this? We were forced to leave our country, we came here for saving our
lives. Whose mother would send her own children away in the danger of
crossing borders in the dark and with the fear of loosing them to the
streets of Greece - to hopelessness, homelessness and drug addiction?
Which mother travels through all that dangers with her small children if
she has another choice. We came here to be saved, but instead be get
beaten and kicked. Why does the government not gives us a place to
sleep? We never chose to spend all our time on this square. We have
nowhere else to go. Why do they take our fingerprints here if they
cannot offer us anything? Why don't they let us go, if they don't want
us? Why do they want us back, when Austria asks them to? I was deported
from Austria back to Greece with my husband and my two small children.
Three days ago we lost our flat, because we could not afford to pay the
landlord anymore. Now we sleep in the park. Why is nobody taking his
responsibilities and helping us?" A small girl says: "I want to go to
school! I want to become an educated women!"
At dusk the bulk of people sets of towards St. Nicholaos train station
demonstrating and shouting slogans such as: "Fascists assholes - the
gallows are coming" and: "Nobody in fear never and nowhere -  break the
fascists in each neighbourhood" Greeks and Afghans walk together while
the police is not far. The fascists hide. The demonstration ends
peacefully and gets dissolved. On their way back a group of 50 Afghans
and a few Greeks suddenly get attacked by two dozens of police. they
want to prevent the Afghans from returning to Attiki Square so they just
suddenly start beating blindly into the group of demonstrators. The
first Afghan they attacked fell down from the beatings and was arrested
thereafter for unknown reasons. Most people ran away, but at least 10
people were hit - some of them badly. Among them were also minors. One
of them had to be brought to hospital, while there were rumours that
another Afghan was attacked in St. Nicholaos with a metal pipe by
fascists. He broke his leg at two points.

A small victory but still and long road to go.....!
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